Very easy sweet

Very easy sweet


125 g butter

quarter cup oil

small egg and salt pinch,

1 tbsp starch and 90 g sugar powder and white flour enough to collect the mixture.



250 g almond powder, almond spirit, and sweet condensed milk to collect the dough



50 g of cherry pickled and dried small squares section + white shape


Mix the dough well in the usual way and let it into the refrigerator.

We bring the filling, we pick the almond powder, add drops of almond spirit and collect it with sweet condensed milk. Spread it between 2 parchment paper and cut them smaller circles than the diameter of the silicon mold used.

Then we get a circular silicon mold filling the bottom with grains of cherries and fill it with a large spoonful of dissolved white chocolate and try to plant it circles of almond dough and enter the refrigerator.

For the dough, cut circles with the same diameter as the silicon mold used and enter it in the oven, then paste each piece of candy with a piece of almond-filled chocolate after removing it from the mold.
Use the melted white chocolates and decorate the sides of the dessert as desired.

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