The Mandarin Cake

This is a delicious soft and moist cake with juicy mandarins running throughout .

Easy to make and perfect for your next family gathering or potluck!


5 small or 4 eggs,

1 kg of white flour,

150 g sugar granules or brown sugar of best,

16 g of baking powder,

juice of 3 large mandarin,

mandarin peel,

a little salt,

100 g of soft cream or a yoghurt and a half pack without sugar,

50 g butter Melted and mandarin pieces for decoration.




Mix eggs with sugar granules well, then peel, and mandarin juice, then add cream, melted butter and white flour with baking powder.

Combine the mixture and place it in the mold, sprinkled with butter and flour. Then, cut the mandarin pieces and put it above.

Put the cake in the oven, cook and then serve.