Soft and fast cake

Soft and fast cake


3 eggs

1 yogurt with pistachio flavor

75 ml oil

150 g sugar

2 Yeast bags

1 vanilla bag

Spoon vinegar

A little salt

200 g white flour

2 tablespoons cocoa

How to prepare


Mix the eggs with vanilla sugar and a little salt and vinegar mix with the electric mixer and then add yogurt and oil and then flour and yeast.

After you divide the mixture into two halves.

We take the first half and add cocoa and leave the second half.

We take the cup of cake, pour the white half, then the second half layer of cocoa, then pour the rest of the white mixture for the second time.

Place the bowl of cake in the center of a tray with a little water and then enter the oven at a temperature of 150 Celsius.

After cooking, paint the jam and decorate as desired.

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