Simit bread

Simit bread


6 cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
A teaspoon of sweet spices
Vegetable oil cup
A cup of yogurt
an egg
Picking Powder
A glass of warm water
Large spoon of yeast
Pack of chopped dill


We put flour, sugar, yeast, sweet spices and kneading machine
Then oil, salt, yogurt cup, egg, baking powder, and operate and operate the kneading machine again
Then cup the water gradually until the dough kneads and continue kneading the dough then dill and knead by hand
Then leave an hour and a half to brew
Then divide into 8 equal balls and then take each ball wrapped like a rope and then form as braids and close the circle and then leave a quarter of an hour to rest
Then paint the face with egg yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Note :

Bread can be made without dill and enough to paint the face with a teaspoon of white honey mixed with half a teaspoon of water and sprinkle the nigella grain or fennel.
Bake in medium temperature oven for 25 minutes and then serve.

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