Quick pies like cotton

Quick pies like cotton



A cup of sugar granules

A cup of milk

A cup of white flour

A cup of oil

3 eggs (2 eggs complete and 1 egg white)

Bag 7 grams of baking powder


2 tablespoons of yeast dough

A tablespoon of anise

3 tablespoons of roasted sesame


Mix the ingredients in the blender, except for the flour, and then leave the mixture for 20 minutes until the brewing.
Then enter the flour to collect the dough, if it is light, stick it by hand, then leave it again for brewing, then cover the oil, and turn on the hands and start forming small balls.
With the remaining egg yolks of the ingredients, mixed with a little milk and instant coffee, then sprinkle each ball with a little sesame or almond flakes.
Enter the tray of pancakes for the oven with a glass of water in the center of the tray.
Cook the dumplings from under and place them to brown over.
We use 2 cups of water in the middle of the oven tray until we get crisp and moist pies like cotton.

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