Light cotton brioche with a different filling.

Light cotton brioche with a different filling.

Dough Ingredients:

300 g flour,
1 egg,
30 g butter,
50 ml of warm water,
70 ml milk and 10 g yeast,
sugar and vanilla bag.


60 g melted butter, 60 g brown sugar, 30 g cocoa, a little cinnamon and granules of cobalt.
For decoration: egg yellow, milk drops, kidney sugar and chocolate sauce.


Mix the yeast, water, and sugar well and keep it aside.
Combine the remaining ingredients with one well, add the yeast mixture and knead well until you get a well-formed dough, cover the dough and let it brew for an hour or more.
Mix the filling components.
* Put the dough in the form of a rectangle and then put the filling and roll the dough, put the cabbage in a mall greased eggs and enter the oven.
After taking it out, sprinkle with sugar, chili, and chocolates.

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