Fish in the oven

Fish in the oven

We choose any type of fish as available.
4 pieces of colored peppers,
3 to 4 tomatoes,
green olives,
pickled lemon peel,
olive oil,
and optionally shrimp beads.

Fish sauce:

Sprinkle coriander and parsley with garlic and salt,
in the saucepan we put sauce,
red pepper,
lemon juice and olive oil.
Leave the fish in the sauce,
leaving a few of them aside.


Wash the rice with a small amount of salt and drain. Add chopped lemon peel, small olive pieces, chopped parsley, black pepper, a little red pepper powder, a little saffron and olive oil.
Wrap the fish with rice and colored peppers.
In the oven bowl, sprinkle the tomato sauce with the remaining fish sauce and a little olive oil. Then place the fish in the center, decorated with pickled lemon slices and a thin line of olive oil, and then place the colored peppers in the sides.
Cook the fish from below and remove the lid to brown from above.

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