Cold Tart

Cold Tart

First class :

350 g cake or biscuits we collect with melted butter.

Second layer:

Layer cream

3 eggs

750 ml milk

90 g starch

120 g sugar


Beat the eggs with sugar and starch, then add, hot milk gradually with continuous stirring and then return the mixture to the fire with stirring on low heat.

After the mixture is held together, leave it aside until it cools slightly. We take about one-third of the amount of cream we leave aside, and the remaining cream is added to the carrots and mixed well until we get a homogeneous cream.

Place it over the biscuit layer and leave it until it is firm.

The following layer:

The rest of the cream we add 300 grams of melted chocolate and move well, we will get a mixture like ganache placed above the layer 2 and leave the Tart in the refrigerator until they hold together.

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