Chocolate Butter Cake

Chocolate Butter Cake


8 eggs,

a cup of oil,

a tablespoon of coffee,

65 g of cocoa flakes,

375 g flour,

4 yeast bags,

350 g of sugar and milk cup.

Cream of butter:

400 g butter,

400 g sugar powder,

2 tablespoons cocoa,

50 g blends and a tablespoon of coffee.


Mix egg white only with 50 g sugar granules well using the electric mixer until the volume doubles, then leave it aside.

We take the yellow egg and mix with the remaining sugar granules and add a cup of oil, a cup of milk, a tablespoon of instant coffee and flour, with a powder of chocolate and yeast, and then take white eggs and add in three stages in an artistic manner from below.

Put the mixture in a butter-filled mall and enter the oven for about 30 minutes.



Using the electric mixer, mix the butter with half the amount of sugar powder and then the other half mixed with cocoa and fast-melting coffee until the mixture is merged and add 50 g of melted chocolate with a wooden spoon.

Leave the cream in the refrigerator cool and decorate the cake in the form of roses.

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